What is MDMA/Ecstasy and How does it Work

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MDMA is a chemical that induces a sense of euphoria, calmness, happiness, and feelings of deep connections to others. MDMA was first synthesized and used therapeutically in attempts to treat PTSD. It was also used as a tool in couples therapy before becoming a schedule 1 drug in the year 1984.  MDMA was also utilized in mind control experiments conducted by the US military back in the early 1950s. The US government recognized how vulnerable people became under this drug and thought that it could convince enemies to turn on their own governments. MDMA is powerful, and can do a lot of damage and lead to poor decision-making skills due to how vulnerable and open this substance makes those who decide to take it.

MDMA works by increasing Serotonin, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine production in the brain. The increased release of these brain chemicals is responsible for the mood-boosting and euphoric properties of MDMA. However, the rate at which MDMA causes these chemicals to flood the brain is also what makes the drug so damaging. Binging on MDMA can deplete the brains stores of these chemicals leading to a severe “crash” in mood that often lasts for days while the compounds repopulate back to normal levels in the brain. Low Serotonin levels caused by the consumption of MDMA can lead to problems with memory, focus, and can also lead to the user feeling severely depressed.

How the drug is Sold

Ecstasy is most often found in homemade pills known as “pressies.” The homemade pills tend to come in bright colors and are found in different shapes. These homemade pills are swallowed like regular pills. The trouble with Ecstasy found in this form is that it often doesn’t actually contain MDMA in modern times and is often a random mix of research chemicals.

In recent years “pure” MDMA often referred to as “Molly” has started to take the place of the homemade pressed pills that were usually associated with ecstasy. Pure MDMA or “Molly” comes in the form of a powder. Most people put the powder into capsules or snort the powder for a quicker onset of the effects of the drug. The trouble with this powder is that most people assume that because it is not pressed in a pill that it is pure. This is often a false assumption and can lead to people accidentally doing other drugs like meth or dangerous, unstudied research chemicals that can lead to overdose in small amounts.

Often Leads to Risky Decisions

Many people that do get their hands on actual MDMA often end up making poor decisions due to the extreme euphoria, energy, and onset of empathy and sense of connection to others. People usually end up doing things like behaving foolishly in public as well as things like cheating on their significant others due to the false sense of connection that ecstasy can instill in those who take the drug together.