Is Ecstasy Physically Addictive?

No, Ecstasy is not believed to be physically addictive. It is mentally and psychologically addictive though and can lead to issues with depression and focus after prolonged use of the drug. While Ecstasy isn’t physically addictive, its use does have side effects that can affect the body. Those who abuse ecstasy can have heart problems as well as tightness in the muscles and extremities.

Is Ecstasy Safe to do, Since it is not Physically Addictive?

No, Ecstasy is not safe to do. It may not be physically addictive, but it can cause severe cognitive damage, primarily if use it often. Ecstasy can severely reduce brain function and lead to things like slowed response time, memory loss, and depression. People that abuse Ecstasy on a regular basis takes a long time to recover from the damage that abusing this drug causes them.

What Substances are Ecstasy pills cut With?

Ecstasy pills are often cut with things like Methamphetamine, Caffeine, and something dangerous research chemicals such as 2CB. Most of the time when people overdose on Ecstasy it is because they bought pills that were contaminated with a substance that was dangerous. Many people buy “molly” in an attempt to avoid buying MDMA that is adulterated with other substances, but in reality “molly” is often cut with other dangerous drugs just as often as the pressed pills.

Can Dangerous Cutting Agents be Tested for?

Yes, there are many test kits on the market that can be purchased. These tests allow you to determine whether or not what you have obtained contains other dangerous substances. Test kits can be the difference between life and death. It is essential to read the reviews of test kits before purchasing them, to make sure that they are effective. We sell test kits at our center that are trustworthy. The purchase is anonymous, and no questions are asked. We do this as a harm reduction measure.

How does Ecstasy Work?

Ecstasy works by increasing serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels in the brain. This leads to feelings of excitement, pleasure, and increased empathy. Those who take MDMA and Ecstasy often report that the drug begins to affect them within half an hour. Ecstasy tends to peak at the two-hour mark for most people who consume it. The effects last for around 4 hours, with a comedown period that will last for most of the following day.

What age Group Abuses MDMA the most?

MDMA is most often abused by people aged 18-24. MDMA is really popular with people who attend the music festival scene. This is because many people that use MDMA believe that it enhances the music. They claim that MDMA allows them to feel the music.

What Side Effects can MDMA produce?

MDMA can produce Side Effects such as racing heart, extreme sweating, clenching of the jaw, lowered inhibitions, reckless behavior, an increased desire to connect with others, and dehydration. On the comedown from MDMA users often experience anxiety and insomnia.