Center`s Life and Events

At the Center for Combatting Ecstasy Addiction in Colorado, we offer a wide variety of events throughout the month designed to help keep the people in our state educated and safe.

Center’s Life

Life in the center is a rewarding and productive experience for those that are committed to their recovery. We have a wide variety of activities available that are designed to help those who partake in our inpatient programs. It is important to us that those who stay with us during our treatment are comfortable. We offer private room accommodations, a wide variety of food options, and numerous recreational activities designed to help people relax and feel at peace throughout the day.

Events Open to the Public

Open Mic Night – We host an open mic night every Thursday night starting at 7:30 PM. The open mic night is available for all members of the community to attend. Join us as we connect and learn about healthy self-expression through the use of music.

Paint Night – We host paint nights every Saturday night at 8 PM. We have an instructor come in to guide us along as we all work to create paintings that we are proud of. No supplies are necessary! Just bring yourself and a friend. Paint Night costs 5 dollars per person, and all proceeds go to keeping our center open.

Q&A segment – We offer a live question and answer segment with our counseling staff that is open to the public to attend. This is an excellent opportunity to come and have your questions about MDMA and ecstasy abuse answered. Our counselors have years of experience and can help you when learning how to help yourself as well as your loved ones give up the use of MDMA and Ecstasy.

Private Group Meetings for Addicts Only

We take privacy seriously and recognize that those who are recovering from MADMA and Ecstasy addiction are I need of their own space to discuss their progress and to work on their recovery. That is why we have Meetings every Tuesday and Sunday night at 6 PM at our center. These meetings allow those in recovery to discuss any difficulties that people are having with their recovery, as well as share success stories about fighting cravings. Licensed substance abuse counselors facilitate all of our group meetings. If you choose to attend one of our meetings you can rest assured that your presence will be kept confidential.