Ecstasy Rehabilitation at our Center

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At the Center for Combating Ecstasy Addiction in Colorado, we know that MDMA and Ecstasy abuse come with a wide array of unique side effects that can make quitting this substance substantially different from quitting other drugs. We have a team of professional staff that specializes in the psychological aftercare and rehabilitation of those who have suffered from a psychological addiction to MDMA or Ecstasy.

Residential Treatment

We have a residential facility that is designed to house those that are in recovery. Inpatient care is an excellent option for those that are in recovery from MDMA. MDMA users often relapse shortly after trying to get clean due to the psychological withdrawal symptoms, and being in an inpatient treatment facility during the most difficult and tempting parts of quitting can help to make sure you follow through with getting clean. Inpatient treatment allows people to remove themselves from the toxic relationships and environments that may have contributed to the addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

We offer intensive outpatient programs designed to assist those who are not able to commit to inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is still a great choice and far surpasses not getting any treatment at all. Our outpatient treatment programs offer intensive one on one counseling that is completed every day after the person is done fulfilling their obligations. Out outpatient treatments are flexible, and we can work around your schedule.

Our Focus is on Psychological care and Nutrition

MDMA does not produce physical withdrawal symptoms. Our main area of focus at the Ecstasy Rehabilitation Center in Colorado is to provide people who are struggling with MDMA abuse with the psychological aftercare that they need. MDMA abuse is mental and the issues that people struggle with as a result of MDMA abuse most often affect the state of mind and cognitive processes of the individual.

People who have abused MDMA and Ecstasy in the long term suffer from cognitive impairments more often than not. Nutrition plays a key role in the speed and rate at which a person’s brain function can be restored after abusing MDMA. In both our outpatient as well as inpatient classes we provide people with classes on nutrition. At our inpatient facilities, we make sure those that are staying with us are having their nutrition needs met throughout their stay to fast track their recovery.

MDMA Recovery Support Groups

At The Center for combatting Ecstasy Addiction in Colorado, we recognize the need for additional support when working to overcome an ecstasy addiction. Often people that come to us for recovery have had to give up their friend groups as a result of giving up their drug habit. The support groups that we offer allow people to connect with others that understand the struggle that they are going through. Support groups allow people to share their experiences with others and are a great place to give and receive advice about how to maintain a healthy and happy life after giving up MDMA and Ecstasy.